Adventure Travel & Ecotourism Grow in Popularity

July 19, 2017

As some travelers know, adventure travel is an exciting, fun and engaging way to travel! Adventure travel is about seeing the world from a different perspective; it's about exploring unusual, often remote and exotic destinations, hiking through mountain ranges or exploring natural wilderness areas. 

The industry continues to grow in popularity, driven by the fact that more people today are interested in "experiences" rather than "stuff". What I mean by that is that many people today prefer to spend their disposable income on life experiences such as traveling, attending festivals and spending time outdoors. We've become to realize that owning "stuff" such as a bigger home, newer automobile or the latest technology gadget is not going to make us happy. What does satisfy us is to truly enjoy and "experience" life by spending more time with family and friends, traveling more, and experiencing new destinations and cultures. More people today than ever are traveling to exotic destinations, going on outdoor trekking and hiking trips and spending weekends white water rafting, zip lining or rock climbing. All of these are fun ways to experience the beautiful world around us and afford us the opportunity to truly enjoy life. 

One company that offers adventure and ecotourism trips to destinations throughout the world is Wildland Adventures. Wildland's hiking and trekking trips are all inclusive and provide a meaningful travel experience with "authenticity, honesty and affirmation" and a respect for the people and cultures visited. The company has been specializing in adventure travel and ecotourism for three decades and continues to experience strong growth in their business. 

Other companies are catering to the adventure travel market by offering durable and functional travel gear. A few include Eagle Creek, High Sierra, Lewis N' Clark and Matador Outdoor. All manufacture high-quality travel products such as packable backpacks, luggage and travel gear built for outdoor use.

Eagle Creek products are designed with the outdoor adventure traveler in mind. Luggage is designed with heavy-duty treaded wheels, rain and weather protection, lockable zipper pulls and convenient packing compartments to organize and separate clothing items. All of the company's luggage products carry a lifetime "No Matter What" warranty that ensures the product will withstand the rigors of regular outdoor use. Eagle Creek also offers many types of travel accessory gear including packing folders, toiletry bags, zippered organizers and storage cubes.

A new comer to the adventure travel market, Matador Outdoor Gear designs and manufactures high-quality packable backpacks, totes, duffels and blankets. All products are built for outdoor use such as hiking and camping. Each item is constructed from durable materials designed to withstand the elements.

As the adventure travel market continues to grow, we can all rest assured that companies will be providing us with the itineraries and the gear necessary to enjoy spending time outdoors. What's become important is the "experience" itself; the journey and the destination. We all need to restore and invigorate occasionally and travel can help us be more understanding of other cultures, meet new people and above all explore!


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