UCO Gear 4 Piece Travel Camping Mess Kit with Plate Bowl Spork and Tether

This compact Travel Mess Kit from UCO Gear is constructed from a durable, food-safe and BPA-free resin. The compact size takes up minimal space in luggage or a backpack and is the perfect travel essential when camping or trekking in domestic or international destinations. Great for use in hotels or B&B's when you prefer a meal in your room. Set includes a plate, bowl, spork with spoon and fork on each end plus a bungee tether to secure all items in a small size.

Style # F-MK-CORE4PC

Available in 2 colors: Blue, Grey

Product Features & Specs:

Compact Travel Mess Kit
Constructed of durable resin that is food-safe and BPA-free
Set includes a plate, bowl, spork and bungee tether to secure all items in a compact package
Spork features a spoon on one end and a fork with serrated knife edge for cutting on reverse
Non-slip exterior surface
Silicone gasket contains contents and meal with lid attached
Bungee tether secures all items in a compact design; tether doubles as a hanger for easy drying
Perfect for camping, trekking, use in hotel rooms and B&B's, cruises, etc.
Lightweight design; takes minimal packing space in luggage, bag or backpack
Dish washer safe
Lightweight: Approximately 8.6 oz
Dimensions when tethered: 7.0" wide x 7.0"high x 2.5" deep

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