Matador Compact Water Resistant Travel Pocket Blanket 63" x 44"

This Pocket Travel Blanket from Matador features a water repellent and puncture-resistant design in a small compact size.  At 63" x 44" (160cm X 110cm) it's large enough for 2 to 4 people. Perfect for hiking, parks, picnics, beaches, festivals, concerts, and more. The Pocket Blanket features corner weights that pull out to act as corner stakes and sand pockets for improved performance in breezy conditions.  Available in two colors, Original Red and Alpine Green. 

Style #MATL3001

Product Features & Specs:

Constructed from durable water and puncture resistant fabric
Waterproof coated underside keeps you dry from the elements
Large 63" x 44" size; perfect for up to 2 people laying down or 4 people sitting
Great for camping, festivals, concerts, beaches, etc.
Built-in corner stakes to easily secure to the ground
Weighted corners with built-in sand packets to further secure when needed
Integrated storage pouch for easy stowing and packing/carrying
Easy pack built-in pattern; just follow the pattern to easily re-fold and pack
Compact design is perfect for traveling; takes up minimal space in luggage or backpack
Ultra compact; fits in the palm of your hand and in a pocket at 4.5" high x 3.0" wide x 1.5" deep
Extremely lightweight at only 5 ounces!


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