Lewis N Clark Universal Travel Adapter Plug Set for Use in 175 Countries

This Universal Adapter Plug Set from Lewis N Clark features 4 of the most commonly used adapters. With this plug set you can travel to over 175 countries and have the correct adapter for all your electronic devices. Includes a convenient travel pouch to stow all 4 adapters.

Model #EK58

Product Features & Specs:

Universal Adapter Plug Set includes 4 of the most commonly used adapters
For use in more than 175 countries including most of Europe, Africa, Asia, The Middle East, Australia, New Zealand, North America and Russia
Includes a handy travel pouch to hold all 4 adaptors
Please note: adapter plugs do not convert electricity. They adapt your electronic devices' plug to fit into a foreign wall outlet. You must either use an electronic device with a dual-voltage plug when traveling or use a converter along with the adapter. See our "10 Tips to Help You Pack Like a Pro" for more info.

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