Lewis N Clark Lockdown Triple Security Travel Luggage Cable Lock

This TSA-approved lock allows you to keep your belongings secure while you travel through the airport, and also allows the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) to open your luggage, if necessary, without destroying the lock.

However, what makes this lock different from other Travel Sentry-approved locks is its triple security. With the Lockdown™ Lock, you can lock your zipper pulls together, lock your luggage handle to zipper pulls, and lock your bags to fixed objects.

It’s also now easier to reset this lock by simply using the red resetting key that is inserted into the top of the lock, enabling you to change the 3-dial combination whenever you’d like.

The 3.15in (80mm) cable can be used to lock together the zipper pulls of the front pockets of your luggage, thus ensuring that thieves cannot close the bag after it has been broken into.

The 5.5in (140mm) cable is ideal for looping the top handle of your luggage or bag around a piece of existing furniture, such as a pole on a train or bus, chair at an airport, desk at a hotel room, and much more. You can also use it to attach one bag to another, such as a backpack or purse to a rolling suitcase.

Whether you’re going on a vacation, business trip, or backpacking adventure, this lock's multiple cables and durable construction will allow you to secure your belongings in a multitude of ways. 

Model #TSA80

Product Features & Specs:

Sturdy cast zinc alloy construction with ABS plastic housing and two braided steel cables
Double cable technology prevents luggage from being broken into
Long cable attaches to luggage handle and short cable attaches to zipper pulls
Use as a single cable lock by removing longer cable
Thieves are unable to repair zippers after entering bag
Resettable 3-dial combination
Triple Security: Locks zip pulls, locks handle to zip pulls and bags to fixed objects
Dimensions: 6.0" high x 2.0" wide x 1.0" deep


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