Kovea Galaxy Outdoor Camping Lighthouse Gas Lantern TKL-961

Kovea's Galaxy's gas lantern is designed for hunting, camping or wherever you need reliable illumination. It has a reliable piezo-ignition, reinforced glass and a corrosion-resistant cover. The piezo-ignition system has a brightness adjustment and a bottom-facing burner for consistent brightness. The enamel-coated, corrosion-resistant cover and German Shott glass with protection wire is sturdy and durable. The twin handle allows for easy grabbing and the base plate adaptor accommodates various canister sizes. Requires isobutane fuel canister (not included). Includes a hard storage carrying case.

Style #TKL-961

Retail price $119.00

Product Features & Specs:

One-touch Piezo-ignition system for quick lighting

Uses iso-butane canister; can be used with various sizes of either CB (nozzle type) cartridge or OD (screw type) canister 

Includes nozzle type cartridge adaptor

German schott glass for durability and to illuminate light evenly

Straight flowing tubes increase fire power and brightness

Brightness knob allows for easy adjustment

Perfect for outdoor trips, camping, hunting, tailgating, etc.

Lantern is foldable and easily assembled

Includes a hard shell protective carry case

Approximate measurements when assembled (height varies depending on canister used): 6.5" round x 14.0" to 19.0" high

Dimensions when stowed in carry case: 11.5" high x 7.5" wide x 7.5" deep

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