Cross Sentiment Lacquer & Chrome Rollerball Charm Pen Black

The new, charming Cross Sentiment design brings romance to everything from love letters to daily lists. Adorned with a removable jewelry-like heart-lock charm, the pen can also be accessorized with a meaningful charm from your own collection.

Style AT0415-2

Retail price $105.00

Product Features & Specs:

Gloss black with engraved chrome band
Base metal: Brass
A well-balanced, medium-diameter barrel (measures 0.40 in width and 5.25" long when closed; 5.6" long when open)
Swivel-action propel/repel feature
Exclusive Gel Ink Rollerball formula flows freely like a fountain pen
Includes 1 Black Rollerball Refill in pen (8523)
Extra refills availble from
Ships in a Cross gift box with warranty information



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